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Febr. 12, 1429: “The Battle of the Herrings” and its importance in Joan of Arc’s Life Story

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Joan knew about the French army’s loss of the “Battle of the Herrings” before the news reached officials in Vaucouleurs, where Joan waited impatiently to be given permission to begin her mission (to ride to Chinon with armed escorts, meet with Charles the dauphin, and be granted the right to lead French troops, where she guaranteed the successful raising of the siege of Orleans.) No one could comprehend how Jehanne, La Pucelle gained access to this information. It had come to her through “revelation” (she had been told of it by her angelic counselors.

Morale within the city and among its leaders was at a low point, so much so that consideration was given to surrendering the city.


The Battle of the Herrings was the most significant military action during the siege of Orléans from its inception in October of 1428 until the appearance on the scene, in May of the following year, of Joan of Arc. Even so, it was, to all appearances, a rather minor engagement and, were it not for the context in which it occurred, would most likely have been relegated to the merest of footnotes in military history or even forgotten altogether.

But not only was it part of one of the most famous siege actions in history, the story also gained currency that it played a pivotal role in convincing Robert de Baudricourt in Vaucouleurs, to accede to Joan’s demand for support and safe conduct to Chinon. For it was on the very day (February 12, 1429) of the battle that Joan met with de Baudricourt for the final time. According to the story, recounted in several places (for example, in Sackville-West), Joan gave out the information that “the Dauphin’s arms had that day suffered a great reverse near Orléans”. When, several days later, news of the military setback near Rouvrey did in fact reach Vaucouleurs, de Baudricourt, according to the story, relented and agreed to sponsor her journey to the Dauphin in Chinon. Joan finally left Vaucouleurs for Chinon on the 23rd of February, 1429.”