Joan of Arc

TCM names “The Passion of Jeanne d’Arc” among top 10 most influential silent films

This silent film, “The Passion of Jeanne d’Arc”, by Danish film maker Carl Dreyer, was thought to have been lost forever.When reels containing the last copy of the film were found in an abandoned theater, viewing these scenes inspired contemporary composer Richard Einhorn to research her life and create his magnificent oratorio, “Voices of Light” (which is available on CD and also accompanies the DVD of this film.)

Dreyer focuses only upon Joan’s trial and death. This brief clip provides a preview of the film’s intensity.

Orléans celebrates Joan of Arc’s birth on January 6, 2012 (Youtube video clip)


Joan of Arc celebration in Orleans France (excellent slideshow)

On January 6, the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc’s birth, Medievalists assembled as Joan received her sword.

“Ottowa Citizen” Article; (the best so far) on Joan’s image in the center of French political turmoil

The best article thus far, on Joan’s image in center of today’s political turmoil. There is but one false note that needs correction (for the historic record.) Joan’s father, Jacques, was not a landowner but held a modest position of authority in the peasant community of Domremy.

Painting Joan of Arc with Donato Giancola

Political tug-of-war over Joan of Arc in France today

January 6, 2012 Joan of Arc’s 600th birthday!

January 6th, 2012 is Joan’s 600th birthday! Supposedly, the birth took place very early in the morning. Percival de Boulainvilliers wrote to the Duke of Milan saying that upon this night, the peasants of Domremy were moved with a strange and powerful feeling of gladness and, knowing nothing about the birth of the Maid, they ran up and down in the darkness…to find out what new and marvelous thing had come to pass. The cocks crowed earlier and more loudly than usual, for two hours straight. “The thunder sounded, the sea trembled, and the earth shook, the sky lightened, the worlds gave signs of joy. Exaltation, mingled with terror, filled the people. They sang sweet songs and danced in rhythmic figures, in token of the salvation promised to their race by this celestial birth.” (Grace James, author; “Joan of Arc”)

Shaw on “Saint Joan”

G.B. Shaw, writing about his play, “Saint Joan” said, “If Joan had to be dealt with by us in London today, she would be treated with no more toleration . . . (than) any others who cross the line we have to draw, rightly or wrongly, between the tolerable and the intolerable.”

Newest Book Review by Paul Rafuse

I am pleased to recommend this beautifully-told story!


I would not have read this biography in the first place, my reading tastes tending more towards novels and investigations into current events. I have little interest, usually, in stories with known, or even predictable, outcomes.


This book, which was recommended by a friend, has proven to me that history viewed from a different perspective, with emphasis on an overarching aspect of the subject, can be provocative to the point of inspiring the reader to further study.  It prompts one to delve deeper into Joan’s amazing exploits and compelling personality.


I especially enjoyed the author’s introductory discussion of shamanism and sorcery. It was a fitting way to focus the lens through which the rest of the story is told.  Then the saga is laid out with lush imagery and Joan’s actual quotes taken directly from the records of her trials.  As the story progresses, the reader can easily imagine hearing Joan’s voice while visualizing scenes made even more vivid with numerous photos of the region in which she lived.


The author’s extensive research and travels to France have benefited the reader with a vivid picture of Joan and the age in which she lived.  Ms. Noren has produced a wonderful work which anyone of any age can enjoy, about one of history’s most intriguing people.

Countdown to Joan of Arc’s 600th Birthday (January 6, 2012)

This video begins and ends at Le Mont St. Michel, on Normandy’s coast. It is a preview of the celebrations that will take place in France throughout 2012!

Buy The Book

Buy The Book.

Who was Joan of Arc?

Who was Joan of Arc?.