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Joan of Arc, The Mystic Legacy provides an intimate portrait of the enigmatic young woman whose heroic life story has provoked ongoing controversy for nearly six hundred years. Fresh insights gleaned from the author’s full decade of research and three field trips to France shed new light on the essential nature of the girl whose faith-based acts of courage altered the outcome of the Hundred Years War.

Examining the external and internal forces that shaped Joan’s well documented life, a discussion of esoteric elements found on nearly each page of the historic records is carefully framed in evidence that has not been plumbed to these depths, until now. Joan’s own words speak with clarity from her trial testimony as the most trustworthy resource for understanding her perceptions, motivations and behavior. The visions and voices she identified as the three spiritual guides who were with her constantly from the age of thirteen until her death are traced into the roots of Judeo Christian antiquity, and her interaction with them is examined through the inclusive lens of contemporary cross-cultural mysticism.

Each stage of Joan’s transformation is traced, from her childhood in the rural marshlands of Lorraine to the halls of power where she claimed her right to command the French army and lead her troops to victory in Orleans and beyond. This unique exploration of Joan of Arc’s mortality and transcendence documents the rise and fall of the military leader whose prophecies were ultimately fulfilled.

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  • http://www.sylviamassara.com Sylvia Massara

    I think Joan was a very courageous woman. This sort of courage is rarely seen these days. Admirable, Marcia!

  • Charlotte Berney

    Thank you for the insights and information you provide on this avatar in your book. Joan’s brave spirit comes down to us from the ages and is so needed today. Your own journey of discovery is inspirational, and your wisdom and the beautiful images regarding Joan are a great gift!

  • Paul Kestell

    Best of luck with all Marcia

  • Azra

    I was captivated and mesmerized by this book! The story of Joan was truly moving and transformative. Marcia Quinn Noren has written a sensitive account of “The Maid’s” amazing gifts and remarkable courage. The story flows easily and it becomes quite evident that this female champion was in touch with the highest and deepest divine guidance in her visionary mission. I will continue to be inspired by this young women so very connected to her full feminine power.

    • http://www.JoanofArcTheMysticLegacy.com Marcia Quinn Noren

      Yes Azra, Joan continues to inspire awe in our hearts and minds today, six centuries after her birth. In response to articles published by journalists this year, comments made by the public at large, all over the world, illustrate how little most people actually know about this most remarkable historic figure. My hope is that readers who become informed about who Joan was and what she accomplished, will share what they know with others. Thanks so much for your feedback!

  • Michelle Rasmussen

    I LOVED this book. So EXCELLENT. So easy to read and understand while at the same time, factually detailed and documented in such a professional style. The whole presentation was laid out in the most logical manner that made it flow smoothly as the story unfolded. It captured one’s complete attention, heart and mind, in the obiedience and personal sacrifice “the maid” committed to following the mission of the voices she heard leading her. This book makes sense of a time and culture that we readers couldn’t possibly know or understand without the background so clearly provided by the author, Marcia Noren. I think it will become a recommended reference by anyone teaching or studying this time period or interested in knowing the history of France.

    • http://www.JoanofArcTheMysticLegacy.com Marcia Quinn Noren

      Michelle, Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I am grateful to receive confirmation that the historic complexities within Joan of Arc’s life are fully comprehensible and easy to digest, in the book. I hope to connect with book clubs who will want to engage in Q&A with me, through video conferencing. That’s my goal during this year, 2012, the six hundredth anniversary of her birth.